University of Tuscany


  • We have a vision of a cosmopolite world community.
  • We promote further integration among cultures and communities.
  • We appreciate diversity among individuals as a precious asset to be respected.
  • We believe in meritocracy and competition, in effort-achievement-reward.
  • We trust that an individual possessing knowledge and skills will be a free individual.
  • We work to develop free individuals pursuing happiness in their lives.

University of Tuscany


  • Our mission is to transfer knowledge and skills necessary to navigate global scenarios.
  • Our mission center is to contribute to intellectual growth of young individuals.
  • Our mission goal is to enable students to work and live with competence and honesty.
  • Our mission challenge is to prepare young students for jobs that don't exist jet.
  • Our mission focus is towards young middle-class students from emerging economies.

University of Tuscany

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is a body of specialists and academics who, having positively evaluated the project, are supporting it in terms of feasibility, quality, value, in addition to territorial development and internationalization.
University of Tuscany

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is a steering committee of experts, academics, and scholars with the function of advising the University in the areas of development, expansion and quality assessment.
University of Tuscany

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a body of scientists, academics, and businessmen who are dedicated to the development of the project, the realization of the start-up phase, and the management of the Tuscan and global activities.
University of Tuscany


- UoT accepts funds dedicated to the fulfillment of special goals/programs by individuals and entities.
- UoT accepts donations aimed at institutional development including: library, technology, and structures.

University of Tuscany


- Academic programs:   Courses of academic standard recognized by other universities and accredited institutions.
- Training programs:   Courses of professional standard, recognized by professional and business entities.
- On demand courses:   Courses ad hoc, specifically tailored and individualized, requested by different cultural, social and business subjects.
University of Tuscany


- UoT is soliciting ideas, proposals, and projects by individuals and entities.
- UoT is building a database of individuals interested in collaborating with us in various roles.
- UoT is proceeding in adopting proposals and recruiting individuals based on offer and availability.

University of Tuscany


The Library contains about 10,000 scholarly books in English. Additional languages ​​include Italian, French, German, Yiddish, Polish, and other Slavic languages. Most books, whether specialized monographs or of general subjects, have been published in the last seventy years. The core section covers social sciences, environmental science, and management. International multi language literature is also represented. The library includes a substantial international section of reference and bibliography.
The Archive contains about 5,000 items, of original documents, manuscripts, microfilms, copies, clips, and photographs. It covers European social and political science, focusing on the twentieth century.
The Periodical Collection contains over fifty periodical serials, out-of-print and current. The core is represented by social, political, and science journals. It lists among others: Nature; Science; Slavic Review; Nationalities Papers; The Russian Review; The Polish Review; Niepodległość; Po Prostu; Kultura; Solidarność; Новый Сатирикон; Бюллетень Оппозиции.

University of Tuscany

Art Collection

The Art Collection contains over 200 paintings and several sculptures from mid twentieth century to present. The core collection is focusing on abstract art. The works originated from different countries including USA, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, France, and Italy. 
University of Tuscany


In Progress